how many have dreamed!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


So as everyone probably knows i have not been on in about 3 years.. which is crazy

when i lost my membership i didnt have much interest in returning. just recently i tried to log back into my accoint but i couldnt. i thought it was just me forgetting my password, so i logged onto my back up account and someone figured out how to hack my account and changed everything!!!! i would do anything to have tigerlilycoke back but i just dont see it happening :(

I doubt that anyone is reading this but i am back in Jamaa and better than ever!!! my new account is aquarius1 so buddy me if you see this! i will do everything i can to be right back on track. :)
luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

lucky party!

the lucky party is very similar to last year besides the fact that a few items are missing. here are some things there!
the same party tag is being used.. as well as all the other parties XD

here is the cute little shop in the corner like last year!

and here is what is inside when you click it!

as you can see a bit is missing... i hope it is on its way soon!

the music store is also in the same place as the year before..

 and so is the music XD

and everything else is basically the same! HAPPY LUCKY DAY!
luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hi little buddies! ^__^

so there is a new jamaa journal today woop woop!

and there are now... raccoons! as expected haha

Here is what it looks like when you buy them! also they are only available to members ): obviously...

there is also a new pattern for foxes! 

as expected.. there is a topiary and banner for the raccoons!

since i am still (and possibly forever lol) a nonmember... i couldnt get any good pictures of raccoons..

well what a surprise.. more pets! XD they are so darn cute!

yayy! Lucky day is the greatest XD

here is all the changes along with lucky day!

there are 3 new jam a grams available! along with sayings for the letters!

Also.. check out jamaa township! i love spring in jamaa<3

ready for the lucky party? ahaha so excited!

this is another thing about the paradise party! i wonder if it is staying forever... or leaving. hmmm

the eagle hat! it comes in 8 colors i believe... 

there are 12 videos in all... 
hers the whole theater! ahaha i got him at a good moment XD

also a new activities calander! Check it out at the jammer center

That's all for now! STAY TUNED!

luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

friendship warning and small changes!

i got this message twice today! once in coral canyons, and just now in the Lost temple of Zios! is it a hint that they all might be gone tomorrow... or the next update? hmmm...

as you have probably noticed i have changed the blog around a bit... 

1. There is a new poll! vote vote vote! (I hope you know that all of the results of my polls i send in a monthly letter to AJ to help them out a bit)
2. I changed the theme colors to a pre spring green! along with the title caption
3. I changed the backround! Don't worry I will change it again when spring is actually here XD 

                                                 luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paradise Party

here are where all the birds are located and what they are :)

and the prize... When you place it in your de the back fans out and it really colorful!

good luck! 

luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD

new stuff in Jamaa!

Hiya Dreamers!
I alologize for not being on much... i really wish i could but I've bee through a bunch lately...

so now AJ! there is a party called the parardise party! I think that it absolutely wonderful! If you haven't been yet I think you should visit. I'll make a post about it next... but here is the page about it. it is found on page 2 of the jamaa journal. if you need to click on it to make it bigger its an option.

next, there is a new Jamaa journal!

on page 3 it tell about the pet tigers that are still in jamaa! only 2 days left with them so become a member fast if you want one! 
Also there are raccoons coming to jamaa! i guess it is sort of predictable based on the raccoon tail and hats... Anyway, my guess is that they will be here by the next update which is next thursday so be ready! I dont think that they will be available to nonmembers so if you want one you will need a member ship.

Page 4 is full of stuff n the friendship festival! this is one my favorite things that goes in jamaa! i send all my buddies cards and i love it!
also 125 years of NG wow! i have all the magazines form thhe 70s and stuff its incredible! people don't give it enough credit for what it is.. but remember, without NG this blog wouldnt exist and we wouldnt have AJ! so be thankful for that!

in jamaa township right next to the Jammer central is one of the banners when you click the banner a cool video about NG shows up!

here is what is new this week with the Friendship festival in the stores!

in Jan mart Clothing...

luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD

Sunday, January 13, 2013

new poll!

please dont get mad for this useless post but could y'all go vote on my new poll? I really want help. If you dont know already its about my username.. I want to change it but i dont know what to... so that is where you come in!
here are the reasons i wanna do this..
1. tigerlilycoke is kinda amateur and i made it 2 years ago..
2. i need to refresh my buddy list cause i dont know half of them.
3. idk i just don't really like it.

so if you could vote i will love you forever!!

luv ya dreamers! ~tigerlilycoke XD